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James Rodgers


A  3D virtual tour is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online. It’s the only home tour creating an entire 3D model of a property. This unique marketing tool is a standard feature when you list your home with me.

Advantages of using a 3D home tour include

  • Showing your home to a larger pool of potential buyers out of the area, state, and country
  • Creates transparency which makes potential buyers more comfortable and confident to make an offer
  • Allows buyers with busy schedules to see your home easily and on their own schedule
  • Buyers can revisit your home any time for second or additional viewings to secure an offer
  • Listing your home with a 3D tour shows you’re advertised well,  creating urgency to make an offer
  • The more people touring your home, the higher the potential for offers

Using a 3D tour opens up the possibility to sell your home in many ways. Home shoppers living out of the country, state, or even just too far out of the area can now purchase your home SITE UNSEEN. Because it so accurately and realistically represents your property, many will use the 3D tour to decide its worth a visit. This is especially true in markets where people relocate from out of state such as ours in South Florida.

More and more busy professionals expect to shop for a new home from their own home and digitally. They want to see, through pictures, descriptions, and other representations, that this home is worth their visit to preview for purchase. The more unknowns, the less likely a potential buyer is to make an in-person viewing appointment. Our 3D tours are the ultimate in connecting buyers with your home, easing their reluctance with the unknown, and assuring them they are not wasting their limited time. For every person visiting your home, many more merely considered whether it was worth their effort. Bring the tour to them and open the door for more offers.