James Rodgers- SkyMarc Properties, llc
James Rodgers


Choosing the right Realtor to list your home is a very important decision.  Someone who will help you navigate the process, present your home in the best possible light, help you achieve the best possible price in the shortest possible time, all while making the process an enjoyable one for all involved.

So how do you choose?  Every Realtor will tell you that they will put your home into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  They’ll explain that your home will be promoted for free on a variety of websites. Possibly over 100 websites.  They’ll all claim to have superior market knowledge.

So why choose James Rodgers?  For three main reasons:  Marketing, Communication, and Aptitude.



*  James will have your home photographed and publish 35 high quality pictures of your home on the MLS and to all connected websites.  Check out other listings.  Are the pictures good?  Are there 35 (the maximum amount the MLS can hold) of them?  Good pictures sell good homes.  James will have good pictures taken, and take plenty of them.

*  James will create a virtual 3D Open House to market your home.  Almost 90% of home purchases begin online.  This new technology is designed to put your home listing at the forefront of peoples searches, and truly show off your beautiful home.  You’ll open up the possibility of getting “site unseen” offers from buyers, including overseas buyers.  Examples of our 3D open house can be found here.

* James will promote your listing as a “Featured Listing” with some the most prestigious and far-reaching Real Estate Listing websites.

*  Should you desire and the community allows for it, they will host an open house in your home to invite in potential buyers and other Realtors to gain knowledge and market to their customers.  9% of buyers still buy their homes as a result of attending an open house, a percentage far too large to ignore.



*  You’ll never be in the dark as to what is happening throughout the process. He’ll utilize all forms of communication that best fits your lifestyle and preference. If you call James and happen to get his voice mail, you’ll note they commit to returning your call within 3 business hours.



* James has 22 years of Business Development and Multi-Million Dollar Contract Negotiation experience.  He has negotiated Seven-Figure deals with multi-million dollar corporations, and that detail-oriented experience will be put to work for you.

* James has  mastered the art of reverse prospecting and marketing your home to people who have shown interest in the qualities your home possesses long before you thought to list it.